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Our Story

Team Survivor Strong is a new team. We have been all five of us since 2016. We started out with Dee (Lindsay's mom) and Lindsay going since Lindsay's first time around was only about 4 months into treatments. Gigi (Lindsay's aunt) and Connie (an incredibly good friend) joined in 2013. We started then calling ourselves not only Breasties, but Team Survivors Strong. Jolie (a longtime friend, joined our group as a new cancer survivor in 2015. In 2019, Lindsay had her second time around with breast cancer. This year (2021) we have a new member, Ann that will be joining our group. This team is not only family, but we are truly a support for each other all year round. We are five quite different women and have had to make our path decisions very differently, but we all have never left each other behind. There are five different stories here, but in the end, we have one thing in common... we will fight till the end and it will be on our terms: we are SURVIVORS STRONG!
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We're all in and we need you with us.

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